What are the things you enjoy about life?

  • The thing I enjoy most about life is the freedom to be myself. I also like being able to help people. I appreciate the simple things in life. Being able to put a smile on someone's face when they're sad is wonderful. Nature, Creativity and Imagination are just some of the things that I enjoy about life. ---Keisha---

  • The one thing I enjoy about life and being alive is simply that, BEING. The fact that I can choose what to do with my life(inside the will of God). Life is full of wonderful experiences that make us, US. I'm just glad Almighty God took the time out to make me human, to breath life into my body. I enjoy my family, even though sometimes they can be beyond irritating. I enjoy my friends. I enjoy everything God put here that makes life worth living. Whether its my love of cheese, puppies, or even chewing bubble gum, I'm thankful for this life I've been given to enjoy. ---Natly---

  • I enjoy finding good clean websites for our children.  One that stands up for what is right & what Almighty God has to say about sexuality.  We have enough hurting youth already and how can you truly make love to anyone when you yourself is hurting and needing help. One must 1st be healed in order to help, love, share or care for someone else.  This is why I enjoy this site because they keep it real. This is a site that should be shared with every virgin and every raped victim to let them know they don't have to settle for second best...wait for the best because you deserve it... Love you and see you @ the top where only the EAGLES hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a Splendid day and remember your (sex prize) is worth gold so don't just give it away.  ---Almighty God's gold---


Why should you never give up on yourself?

  • No one can be you but you.  This is why you should never give up on yourself.  There is so much beauty inside of you that you yourself have not discovered yet.  I believe that you are the reason you have not found it yet because you are looking for everyone to find it & you yourself is over looking it or just afraid to really get to know yourself because someone just may not like you.  So what?! Some people don't like pecans but it does not stop people from buying them or eating them, nor does it stop the trees from bearing them.  So, why should you not be who God Made You To BE, the earth needs what God put in you to be a asset to Him.  It is time to display all of your talents and your beauty that HE has given to you.  TIME 2 SHARE the GOLD...YOU are Loved!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---Almighty God's gold---

  • You should never give up on yourself.  You are so special and so talented. Everyone has some Almighty God given talent.  If the LORD has not given up on you, why should you give up on yourself?  Just know that there is someone Who loves you, even when you don't love yourself.  Almigty God is always there for you. Remember you are special!!! You only give up on things when there seems as if there is no hope.  You are NOT hope-less.  Even if you "think" things are hope-less just know that Almighty God can take a dead situation and bring it to life!  Always Hope-N-U !!! ---Keisha---


Are there any pure men out there?

  • WHERE are the true and pure men at????  Should girls be the only pure person in marriage???  Scream at yo GIRL!!!!!!!  Men you have me lost here, I need an answer from you & and girls you let me know if you feel the same way!! ---Lizz---

  • The double standard needs to stop.  When females are required to be pure, men should also have the same requirements.  It's not fair to virgin females when they marry a man that has had many sexual partners.  Then he requires the virgin to do all the tricks and stunts that the other females did.  The men need to be PURE too! ---kr8ivity---


Why was the tokens of virginity so important?

  • It was away to prove if the girl was a virgin on the 1st night of sexual intercourse.  They would lay a cloth under the young girl/lady to prove she was pure by showing the breaking of the hymen (blood show).  THEN they would give it to the parents for proof if any later scandals came against her, they could take it to the Elders of the city to prove the truth that their daughter was not a harlot, today's term would be (Ho). ---Jazz---