Purity is the state or quality of being pure.  Purity not only has to do with the body but we also have to be pure in our minds.  We may have never had sexual intercourse with anyone physically, but we have to make sure that our minds have not entertained those thoughts continually.  If our mind continues to have sexual thoughts and imaginations, eventually it will enter into our hearts.  Once something gets into our heart, our body will soon follow after it.  Purity is a serious matter that must be addressed.

In today's world where so many things are readily available to us, we must guard our hearts and minds.  Pornography is running rampant and sexual immorality is on the rise.  It seems like PG-13 movies should be rated R and primetime TV is now showing more sexual acts and encounters than ever.  Primetime is suppose to be the time when "family" can sit down and watch TV together.  Having multiple sexual partners, homosexuality, and bi-sexuality is now becoming a so-called "norm".  These such things do not line up with Almighty God's Word and we should not participate or have any type of pleasure in such acts.

  • Romans 1:32 Who knowing the judgement of Almighty God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Remaining pure has to do with how we guard our gates.  Our gates have to do with our five senses.  Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Taste and Touch.  What we allow to come into our gates will determine our level of purity.  Females may say, "I'm still a virgin because I have not had vaginal penetration with a male penis".  Then males may say, "I have not penetrated a female with my penis."  This is all well and good but the goal should be to remain pure in the mind and body.  A lot of our youth today are engaging in oral sex, anal sex, masturbation and many other sexual activities and still think that they are pure. 

Keeping yourself pure makes you special.  Many make it seem as if something is wrong with you if you're not "doing it".  Having sexual intercourse is an adult decision to make and should be made by those with an adult mind.  That adult decison to make is called "Marriage."  (See  Marriage .)  If you are not willing to marry then keep yourself pure.  Pure in mind (thoughts) and body (deeds).  Don't be tricked by the enemy to think that remaining pure is not a big deal.  Keeping yourself pure is a "HUGE" deal.  In the end you will see that you made the best decision.