"Encouragement Corner"



Find something to put your energy into to make yourself happy.  Some people don't want you to know them but the person they portray for you to think you know and not the real person.  You are important in this generation. . . It is time to shine with an awesome glow that no one else can perform, your expertise but you.  Remember, time wasted is time you will never get back to fulfill your dreams and goals.  So, aim high, focus firm with the intent to succeed.  See you @ the top where the eagles hang out!!!

Love you,

Mother AY



The Lord has given you a great mind.  Don't let no one steal your dreams and ideas and don't you ever lose hope.

The Lord wants you to know He has Yeshua Christ available for you, your Source of strength.  He is enough for you to make it through the tough times in life.

He is your Activator to help you process your information in your mind when life seems so cloudy.

Remember you are to take charge of your thoughts and never let anyone guide you down a negative path of destruction. 

Your life was given to you for success, so man up and go forth with great expectations for a great future.

I love you,

Handmaiden AY Thomas


I hope you have found this website to be informative... Thanks for charging your spirit up!