Defraud means to withhold oneself from your spouse sexually, to deny your spouse the rights of cohabitation and to leave sexually destitute. Destitution when it comes to defrauding means to leave, depart from or abandon sexually.

Once married the husbandís body is not his and the wifeís body is not hers. (1 Corinthians 7:4.) It is defrauding when there is not a mutual agreement between husband and wife to abstain from a sexual relationship.

  • To discontinue the act that created the marriage is cause for the marriage to end.
  • If the sexual needs of a husband or wife are not satisfied it will open the door to the spirit of adultery.
  • When the wife is not receiving the loving care from her husband, she will become a busy body.
  • The wife because of loneliness, will begin to seek the attention of other males and sexual frustration will cause her attitude and demeanor to change.
  • If the wife withholds sex from her husband, it will cause his eyes to roam. He may still desire his wife but her sexual inconsistency pushes him away.

Just like with the LORD, when we willfully do not read the WORD, worship Him consistently, we defraud HIM. We loose the intimacy in the relationship and you grow further apart. To deny oneís spouse the pleasure of knowing the other in one of the most intimate ways cause their spirits to become unjoined.

Mark 10:9 says, "What therefore Almighty God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."