This Is The Season For Our Youth!

Welcome to the site that believes in change and I believe it can start with this generation It is time to smile and hold up our heads by expressing purity and integrity in our everday walk of life

I was given this title, Mother AY by our youth because many of the children in the community see me as their mother.  I am here for the many that don't have mothers and for some who can't reach their mothers...Almighty God has given me to you. 

      • I believe we can start respecting our bodies as the Temple that Almighty God dwells in.
      • I believe we can respect each other's bodies by waiting till the right mate comes.
      • I believe we can wait and respect the Parent(s) of the person you say you love, without disrespecting the Parent(s) through deceit and lies.
      • I believe we are the generation that is going to speak to other nations now because we, as the USA, have made a lot of mistakes.  We have to refuse to give up our leadership in the Golden Rule...Do unto others as you would like for someone else to do unto you.

If you find this page to be a blessing and you need support, please don't hesitate to email me.  If you feel comfortable, you may leave your phone number if you need someone to pray & encourage you to be strong in a very weak world.  --- Love, Mother AY


"Life is precious and we must not waste it on foolishness.  Take time to think before you make your actions a fact.  Make the facts that you react to be a portrait, a picture of Great Value.  Remember the world is looking at you."

---AY Thomas